Batch: MA Public Finance Management 2012 (Live Batch)

 MA Public Finance Management 2012


This postgraduate program in Public financial managements designed with a view of producing civil servants who are cost conscious, corruption free, and capable of generating funds and utilizing it optimally. The program aims at producing skilled personnel that can participate in-policy decisions related to public sector financial management and the collection and utilization of the government financial resources.

The program enables students to gain understanding of how the government matches the needs of the society with scarce economic resources. Students will also develop a skill in formulating the budget, follow up its implementation , and exercise adequate budgetary control by ensuring resources are employed in programs that aim at satisfying societal needs.

Exit Level Outcomes

  • Develop public projects and ensuretheir effectiveness
  • Prepare financial plans for all governmental units
  • Design a system to improve government expenditure management
  • Conduct the financial analysis and forecasts for all public sector organizations
  • Understand the characteristics of revenue sources of government
  • Design a public sector accounting and reporting system
  • Negotiate in international financial agreements
  • Undertake scientific inquiries in public financial management related issues
  • Provide financial information for fiscal policy design
  • Implement and evaluate the fiscal policy

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