Batch: Masters Leadership And Good Governance (Live Batch)


MA in Leadership and Good Governance programme is a two- year graduate program. The rationale to train civil servants in leadership and good governance at MA level is to equip the leaders at different levels with the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order to deliver effective services and materialize the mission/ vision of the same. 

To this end, the program has been made to contain foundation and practical modules, which consist of 110 ECTS, among which 20 ECTS are devoted to internship and professional modules. 

In this programme trainees will be offered foundation modules which include Basic Laws of Ethiopia and Human Rights for Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Development Issues and Theories and the Ethiopian Situation, Ethiopian Public Administration, Service Delivery and Change Management, Public Policy for Leadership, Globalization and International Relations, Leading People, and Managing Resources and Operations, Research Methodology for Leadership, Leadership Development, Internships, Co- Curricular Activities, and Masters Thesis.

Exit Level Outcomes

The graduates of leadership and good governance serve as:

· policy analysts

· development agents at different levels;

· policy advisors;

· leaders at different levels in regional and federal states; and

· economic and political negotiators.