Batch: Masters Public Procurement and Asset Management (Live Batch)


The program aims at satisfying the need for trained managers who are capable of remolding the Public Procurement and Asset Management System of the country in such a way that the Procurement and Asset Management process is performed with clear set rules, regulations and procedures that would enhance efficiency in the public sector and also ensure high ethical standards in the procurement and asset management processes.

Exit Level Outcomes

On completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • Design and modernize PPAM systems;
  • Provide relevant information for the amendment of PPAM policies and procedures;
  • Apply PPAM rules and regulations effectivelly to achieve good governance;
  •  Prepare and manage procurement plans with a Spend Analysis Report;
  • Apply tax and customs related procedures for international procurement;
  •  Manage to design and implement management strategies for public assets, including intellectual property in accordance with government Directive;
  • Manage supply chain and logistic in a public organization;
  •  Conduct feasibility study for public projects and design resource flow for the execution of the project;
  • Apply civil service ethics in the performance of his/her duty.
  • To undertake scientific research within the purview of PPAM;
  • To expain the fiscal policy of the country;
  •  To explain the rationale behind goverment interventions in the economy;
  • To prepare budgets for public sector and Non-Profit making institutions;
  • To manage the budgets of public sector and Non-Profit making institutions with budgetary control report.