Batch: Masters Social Security Management (Live Batch)


Department of Social Security Management is structured under Institute of Public Management and Development Studies. The Department will offer Masters Degree (MA in Social Security Management) after completion of the two years program.

The Masters degree in Social Security Management is offered to support the managerial and policy development capabilities of people looking at careers within the evolving social security system in Ethiopian.

The filed incorporates both public and private financing and delivery mechanisms for a range of social risks, including: old age, death and disability, sickness protection, health protection, unemployment, and the protection of vulnerable families. The study program for this degree seeks to provide a comprehensive range of courses for managers in social security. 

Exit Level Outcomes

The objectives of the program are:

  • to lessen the problem of the shortages of professionals and managers in social security
  • develop high quality expertise that have a solid theoretical foundations and systematic professional knowledge and skills of social security disciplines
  • engage in social security and related professional researches to solve social security problems, and
  • support the managerial and policy development capabilities of the government within the evolving social security in Ethiopia.