Batch: Masters Urban Environmental and Climate Change Management (Live Batch)


Environment and climate change management is at the forefront of teaching and research on sustainable solutions to environmental problems. The Master of Urban Environmental and climate change Management program provides an in-depth look at environmental management, imparting the knowledge that is needed for graduates planning to work in the environmental and climate change management area. This Programme is designed to produce qualified civil servants in urban environmental management to support the efforts of the regional and municipal governments in undertaking environmentally friendly urban planning and development programs. The department aims at producing graduates who are equipped with theories, tools, skills and perspectives for enhancing best practices in urban environmental planning and climate change management.
The academic year is divided into two semesters and runs from mid September to mid July. The program is set to be completed (on a full time basis) within a period of 24 months comprising of 4 semesters made up of 13 modules including thesis.

Exit Level Outcomes

After the completion of the Masters of Sciences (MA) Program in Urban Environment and Climate Change the Graduates will be able to:
I. Critically understand and explain the relation between urbanization, environment and climate change.
II. Apply management methods in the integrated waste, energy, open and green space and other environmental services and resource management in urban area.
III. Critically analyse and implement the legal and institutional instruments and create structures towards urban environmental and climate change management both at local and national levels.
IV. Design monitoring and evaluation system for the implementation of urban environmental programs.
V. Review, organize and guide the implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP), Environmental Management System (EMS), Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation process.
VI. Create guideline for implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS), Cleaner Production (CP) and Climate Change Adaptation Strategies.
VII. Develop and conduct research on urban environment and climate change related issues and present and communicate research results.
VIII. Plan and facilitate community involvement and participation in climate change and environmental management activities.