Batch: Masters Urban Housing Provision and Management (Live Batch)


The master's degree is an interdisciplinary program designed not only to upgrade the training and skills of public and private sector professionals already working in housing but also to provide a firm intellectual foundation for those wishing to specialize in the housing area at postgraduate level.

The objectives of the course are fivefold: First, it elucidates and analyses the contexts of housing, both nationally and globally, and in terms of political, economic and social developments. Second, it provides a critical evaluation of international housing systems. Third, it provides a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of some selected urban and housing issues such as housing finance, property development and urban management models. Fourth, it equips students with useful techniques and skills in the analysis of urban and housing issues. Fifth, it enables students to specialize in some aspects of housing by taking optional courses and completing a dissertation on an approved topic of his own choice.

Generally, the envisaged program aims at satisfying the need for trained manpower capable of planning and managing the housing sector of the government as well as private sector efficiently.

Each academic year is divided into two semesters. In the programme, special emphasis is given to core modules such as: Housing Provision and management; theory and Policy, Housing finance, Housing Provision and community Development. housing  In addition, modules on Housing typology survey,  and housing and settlement planning studio, proposal and related Presentations will be  given in the Second Year First Semester; and Thesis Project in Second Year Second Semester.  The program is set to be completed on a full time basis within a period of 24 months comprising of four semesters made up of 12 modules excluding thesis. The total ECTS of the programme is 104.

Exit Level Outcomes

After the completion of the Masters of Sciences (MSc) Program in Housing Provision and Management the Graduates will be able to:

  • Understand housing theories, policies, strategies and experiences of both International/Global and Local or Ethiopian.
  • Understand the concept of housing markets and how it promotes community development
  • Understand the relationship between housing development and infrastructure development
  • Understand the concept of housing finance and its importance   in Emerging Economies. 
  • Apply the different settlement planning methods and as to how enable participation of the public in Ethiopian towns and cities.
  • Apply the Planning regulations and Standards in the preparation of settlement plans to understand the different housing typologies in terms of the location, and construction material,
  • Undertake socio economic, physical and environmental related studies on different housing typologies.