Batch: Masters Urban Infrastructutre Provision and Management (Live Batch)


Ethiopia is experiencing high rate of urbanization, which puts pressure on the existing urban infrastructure and services and further calls for more infrastructure and service expansion and investment to meet the growing demand. As, many government reports and other research studies indicates that, urban centers of Ethiopia severely lacks the required infrastructure and services at appropriate level and standard in term of both quantity and quality. As various factors responsible for present urban infrastructure and service management crises, among critical one is the lack of institutional capacity (skilled, trained manpower, financial, technical etc.). This calls upon the training and skill development of the human resource in field of urban infrastructure sector.
The objective of the masters programme is to produce competent, ethical, responsive to gender issues and qualified civil servants, who will be specialists in Urban Infrastructure Provision and Management to support the mandates/efforts/work of the regional and municipal governments, based on national development policy, strategies and programs, in undertaking prudently urban infrastructure provision and management programme.
The master program is of two years, structured in four semesters (each year two semesters) with total ECTS of 114. Program provides ranges of modules, includes; Urbanization and Urban Development Management, Research Methods and Techniques and Applied GIS as clustered modules and Urban Infrastructure Planning and Management and Urban Infrastructure Financing and Asset Management, Municipal Infrastructure Service Management, Urban Project Management and Urban Road and Transport Infrastructure Management as core modules and Ethiopian Public Administration and Governance as common module of the program. The second year of the program will be focus on the research and related activates.

Exit Level Outcomes

After the completion of the programme participants will be able to:

  •  Appreciate the Ethiopian public administration system, process of change management and good governance for effective and efficient urban infrastructure provision and management.
  •  Demonstrate professional ethics/values, norms and morality in public service.
  •  Coordinate and follow up infrastructure projects in the urban areas.
  •  Analyze urban infrastructure and services issues/challenges in broader context of legal, political and socio-economic framework of the nation.
  •  Evaluate the municipal infrastructure system: performance and prioritization.
  •  Monitor and evaluate urban infrastructure provision and management programs in line of countries strategic plan.
  •  Develop the innovative infrastructure financing strategies and utilize capital resources for infrastructure development in an efficient way.
  •  Implement the government initiatives, policies, strategies and programs of infrastructure sector for national development
  •  Design and implement integrated urban infrastructure planning and management process.