Batch: Masters Urban Land Development and Management (Live Batch)


The government of Ethiopia is undertaking radical reforms in governance and development including urban land development and management. The overarching goal is to make land management and administration more effective, efficient and harmonized in contributing towards the implementation of public policy goals set by government regarding economic development, urbanization and decentralization.
In strengthening the institutional capacity essential for sustainable urban land development and management, the envisaged master’s degree module will equip students with analytical and practical skills in urban land and sustainable development, land management and administration, research practice, citywide strategic planning and professional planning practice. The Master’s of Arts in Urban Land Development and Management provides the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and attitudes in this field.

Exit Level Outcomes

1. Apply the principles, concepts and theories of urban land use planning in response to the current socio-economic and environmental needs, challenges and opportunities of urban Ethiopia.

2. Apply and evaluate the urban land development and management system at different hierarchies of the urban administration
3. Devise and implement effective urban land administration system involving various stakeholders.
4. Enrich the urban land registration system by collecting, organizing, retrieval, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of urban real property data using Land Information System.
5. Conduct independent and team based research addressing the contemporary challenges of urban land development, administration and management practices in order to provide inputs for policy makers and strategists.
6. Analyze and evaluate urban land policies and strategies.
7. Evaluate and design appropriate land and real estate valuation practices using the relevant property valuation principles, methods and tools.
8. Design land development and management system that uses the land resource efficiently through the accurate interpretation and implementation of the relevant statutory provisions and allied instruments
9. Design, implement and revise land value recapture system.
10. Engage, negotiate and communicate with various stakeholders involved in the process of urban land development and management.